What You’ll Learn

CareBridge Academy’s CNA classes

CareBridge Academy’s CNA classes prepare students to become certified nurse assistants and certified nurse aides (CNAs) right here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our Home Health Aide (HHAs) programs achieve the same objectives . Certified nurse aides and Home Health Aides are essential and vital members of a healthcare team. Our course teaches students the necessary skills required to carry out the responsibilities that comprise the entire spectrum of patient care. This includes gathering essential medical information, assisting patients with activities of daily living, maintaining a safe, clean environment, and communicating crucial health information about a patient’s condition to the supervising nurses (RNs and LPNs) on staff, along with other members of the healthcare team. These are true whether you pursue a Nurse Aide certification or a Home Health Aide certification.


What You’ll Learn at CareBridge Academy CNA school


Over the duration of your CNA classes and training, prospective nursing assistants will learn about the expertise and aptitude that are necessary to be successful at the job. The Philadelphia course will cover the fundamentals of patient care, communication, and how to tend to basic patient needs in a variety types of healthcare settings.


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