What Philadelphia Academy Offers Nurse Aide Training (CNA)?

Philadelphia Academy For Nurse Aide Training, Inc. (PANAT)

What Philadelphia Academy Offers Nurse Aide Training (CNA)?

Interested in learning which Philadelphia academy for nurse aide training program is available in the region? We detail which Philadelphia academies offer nurse aide and CNA training and also offer more information and resources to get started on the path to be a Philadelphia nurse aide or nursing assistant.

Philadelphia is a city that is rich in culture and history. Philadelphia boasts many job opportunities as well. A city known for its large and diverse healthcare industry, there are thousands of available jobs in the sector. Certified nursing assistants and CNAs in particular have many opportunities for employment at the many area hospitals and numerous long-term care facilities that regularly hire CNAs. Plus, Philadelphia and Pennsylvania also has a large number of older adults that reside here as well as disabled individuals, further increasing the need for nursing care and services, which includes CNAs. 


How Can I Become A CNA in Philadelphia?




CNAs are required to achieve a certification before they can work as nursing assistants. CNAs must be able to attain this certification to be legally eligible to work as a nurse aide in Philadelphia, PA. The licensing and certification is provided through the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry. The way to be listed on the registry in Pennsylvania as a CNA is by completing a state examination. This is done through Pearson VUE.


To be able to enroll in a state-approved training program for CNAs, prospective students must pass the Criminal History Record Information report through the Pennsylvania State Police. They are also required to complete an FBI background check for those that have not lived in Pennsylvania for the past two years continuously. There are a few additional criteria that students must meet to be able to take a state-approved nurse aide course. Students mustnbe at least 16 years of age or older. Also, they must pass a physical examination that indicates that they are free of communicable disease as well as proof of a negative TB test. Finally, they need to show the ability to be able to work as a CNA. This includes being able to lift 40 pounds or more, the ability to use both hands freely, as well as have basic English writing, reading and arithmetic skills.

Requirements of CNA programs in Philadelphia


The state Department of Education oversees CNA programs in Philadlephia and Pennsylvania. CNA programs in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania are required to contain at least 80 hours of total training. Among those hours, 37.5 of them must be hands-on clinical time. That being said, a majority of state-approved school CNA program courses contain more hours than that. They generally average around 120 total hours of instruction. Also, many programs have clinical hours that exceed the state minimum requirements. 

Clinical hours take place in an approved long-term-care facility or nursing home. Many CNA schools have clinical partners throughout the Philadelphia region. 


What do students and graduates think of their experience in CNA training?


According to Indeed, the following is how students rated their experiences. They asked 130,991 job seekers about their Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training and employment. Respondents stated the following:


  • 53% of job seekers said “help my career progression” was the biggest reason for earning their Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • 82% said earning their Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) helped them make more money
  • 92% said earning their Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) helped them get a job
  • 96% said they would recommend a family member or friend earn their Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)


What Philadelphia academy for nurse aide training is in the area for interested CNA students?

CNA Training PANAT

The CNA Training School Located at 448 N. 10th St in Philadelphia


CareBridge Academy is a Philadelphia academy for nurse aide training based right in central Philadelphia. CareBridge’s Philadelphia academy for nurse aide training is considered the premier school for nurse aide training in Philadelphia. 


How long does it take to complete CareBridge’s Philadelphia academy for nurse aide training (CNA)?


CareBridge Academy’s full-time program is the most popular option for students. Students can complete their CNA training and get a certificate of completion in just 4 weeks!


Additionally, CareBridge’s Philadelphia academy for nurse aide training offers a 6 week evening course option, running Monday through Thursday from 4 PM to 9 PM. 

Finally, CareBridge’s Philadelphia academy even has a weekend program for CNAs which runs 10 weeks long. 


What should I do if I am interested in taking CareBridge’s Philadelphia academy for nurse aide training program?


Interested students can call us at (215) 763-1768 or email us directly at info@carebridgeacademy.com to get the process started!


Does CareBridge Academy offer job placement assistance?

Philadelphia Academy For Nurse Aide Training, Inc. (PANAT)

CareBridge’s Philadelphia academy for nurse aide training does offer job placement assistance! With huge demand for CNAs and with connections to many area employers, being a CNA at CareBridge Academy is a great way to get connected to a variety of prestigious local companies. 

These include long term care facilities, nursing homes, outpatient clinics, hospitals, doctor’s offices, adult day facilities, home health and home care agencies, and other healthcare settings. Please note that job placement is offered but that CareBridge Academy cannot guarantee current or future employment. 


What is the employment outlook for certified nurse aides in Philadelphia?

The employment outlook is excellent for certified nurse aides (CNAs) in Philadelphia. According to the BLS, job growth will average 8 percent through 2030. The median pay is over $30,000 a year nationally, and that rate is higher locally in Philadelphia. 


Also, the level of current jobs available for nurse aides is very high locally. A search on Indeed.com shows over 2,000 jobs available for CNAs in Philadelphia! CareBridge’s Philadelphia academy for nurse aide training has connections to employers that pay new CNAs as much as $21 an hour and offer sign on bonuses!

What do I need to do to begin enrollment as a CNA at the Philadelphia academy for nurse aide training at CareBridge?

Philadelphia Academy For Nurse Aide Training, Inc. (PANAT)

Our enrollment coordinator can touch base with you to help answer any questions you may have. Then, we can send you all of the paperwork electronically or you can schedule a time to come in and complete all of the required paperwork. Finally, we will give you instructions on attaining other needed items before the start of class. This includes the required physical paperwork, TB screening test information, and background check instructions.

If applicable, some students may need to take an entrance exam. This includes individuals that do not have a high school diploma or GED. Also, individuals who have obtained their high school diploma internationally will need to take the entrance exam. The entrance exams are completed at our school location, and they involve both a simple math exam as well as a reading and comprehension exam. These tests are waived and not required for individuals with a GED or high school diploma obtained in the United States.  


How much does the CNA program cost?


The CNA program at CareBridge Academy has a cost of $1495 when paid in full by the first day of class. Some other payment arrangements may be available. You can reserve your spot in class with just a $150 down payment.

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