What Nurse Aide CNA Training Classes Are Offered in Philadelphia?

Nurse Aide CNA Training Classes

What Nurse Aide CNA Training Classes Are Offered in Philadelphia?

Interested in taking a CNA training course or class in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? Our list of the Pennsylvania Department of Education Nurse Aide training programs lists the only approved courses that can be taken right here in Philadelphia. This includes both through approved schools as well as nursing homes that offer the program. 

With the pandemic getting closer to an end, many individuals are looking at a career change. One thing that the virus has highlighted is just how important the healthcare field is. Additionally, many employees are attracted to the medical field because the jobs are in high demand and the growth of these careers is projected to be well above average over the next ten years. 

Those looking at healthcare careers often consider being a Certified Nurse Aide or Certified Nursing Assistant. Otherwise known as a CNA, many individuals want to consider this as a start to their healthcare career for a variety of reasons. Those include:

  • A relatively quick nurse assistant training program that can be completed in an average of 110 to 130 hours. Part-time courses can usually be competed in 10 weeks or less and part time classes can be completed in half the time. 
  • The CNA course is inexpensive, and plus many students get the cost of the program for fee through nursing home reimbursement for training and testing once they begin their career.
  • CNA grads in Philadelphia can easily start at $14 per hour and up, even without experience. Some recent job postings in the Philly area have offered some nursing assistant jobs at up to $20 an hour and with signing bonuses.
  • Certified Nurse Aides can take many different avenues in their career paths. This can include becoming an RN or LPN registered nurse, physical therapist, medical assistant, or many other careers. Naturally, these positions can come with significantly greater pay and salary as one advances their education and experience.


How do I become a CNA in Philadelphia?

To become a Certified Nurse Aide or Nursing Assistant in Philadelphia, one would need to take a  training course approved by the Department of Education in the state of Pennsylvania. If one does not take a CNA class that is approved, then one is not eligible for a valid nurse aide license.

Once a student completes a CNA training class, they are then eligible to take the nurse aide training testing and competency administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and completed through Pearson Vue

Finally, once an individual successfully passes both the approved nursing assistant course as well as the Pennsylvania state CNA test, they can then be placed on the Pennsylvania Nurse Aide Registry.

How long does it take to become a CNA?

Each class and program can vary quite a bit when it comes to how long a program takes. Full-time programs, such as those offered by CareBridge Academy, can be completed in less than 4 weeks! However, many programs are run part-time or offer part-time options (including CareBridge Academy). Regardless of the program, you can expect to complete the nurse aide training in around 4 to 10 weeks in many cases. 

Can I work as a CNA after completing a nurse assistant training program but before passing the skills and competency exam?

Yes. A nursing home is allowed to hire an individual who has completed a Pennsylvania approved nurse aide training program within the last 24 months at another facility or educational institution but has not participated in three exam opportunities. The nursing home or long term care facility can hire after verifying nurse aide training. The individual working must pass the state test within 120 days of hire to continue to be eligible. 

Are all CNA classes the same or different?

Any certified nursing assistant class you take will be different, but will cover similar material. Of course, the quality of training and instruction can still vary. Additionally, in the state of Pennsylvania, all classes will include three different modes of training: classroom, laboratory, and clinical instruction. Classroom instruction includes traditional lecture and class-based learning for nurse aides. 

Laboratory training includes time spent in a mock residential facility which resembles that of a long term care facility. Finally, clinical instruction will include time spent working in a real live nursing home or long term care facility. Under the supervision of registered nurse instructors, students will work directly with residents and learn in a real-world environment!

How can I work in a nursing home if I take my CNA course at a private school?

Every school that offers an approved nursing assistant certification course will be contracted with at least one long term care facility or nursing home to host the clinical portion of training. For example, CareBridge Academy works with several great nursing homes to host clinical training throughout the Philadelphia area. 

If an individual takes their training directly through a nursing home, they can also take their clinicals right on sight. 

Can I get the nursing assistant training for free?

Students can ultimately get the nursing assistant training for fee but only after reimbursement as we previously mention and detail in this blog post here. The nurse aide training program will also be free when taken directly at a nursing home facility that offers it. 

Covered training costs through PA Careerlink

Luckily, eligible individuals may also be able to get their free certified nurse aide training through PA Careerlink and Philadelphia Works. 

To be eligible for the ITA Tuition Assistance program, applicants must be a Philadelphia resident who demonstrates a financial need for building their workforce skills. 

You may be eligible if you:

  • Are unemployed, dislocated, or have received notice of a layoff 
  • Are lacking marketable skills to obtain work with a self-sustaining wage 
  • Need workforce training services to obtain or retain employment for higher wages
  • Are unable to obtain grant assistance from other sources to pay the cost of training (e.g., Trade Adjustment Assistance or Federal Pell Grants)
  • Demonstrate the skills and qualifications for being successful in a training program


If you think you might be eligible, start by filling out the vocational skills training customer interest form here. 

You can also check out all of PA Careerlink’s programs and services as well. The PA Careerlink offers many services and supports to job seekers and those seeking out new training and certification skills. 

What Nursing Assistant programs are approved and available right here in Philadelphia?

The table below lists each state approved Nurse Aide certification course in Philadelphia. We list the name of the sponsoring agency offering the CNA training, their local address, phone number, as well as the number of clock hours in each program. 


Blessings Center for Technical Arts and Sciences 2709 N. Park Avenue 3rd fl. Phila 19132 (610) 937-9787 Educational Organization 120
CareBridge Academy 448 N. 10th St., Suite 400 Phila 19123 (215) 596-9587 Educational Organization 120
Community College of Philadelphia Corporate Solutions 1700 Spring Garden St C1-9 Phila 19130 (267) 299-5933 Educational Organization 124
Entry Level Nurse Aide Program 6761 Germantown Ave Phila 19119 (215) 843-4262 Educational Organization 120
Genesis Chapel Manor Center 1104 Welsh Rd Phila 19115 (215) 676-9191 Nursing Facility 112
Health and Tech Training Institute 100 South Broad St, 10th Fl Phila 19107 (215) 568-2220 Educational Organization 152
Mercy Career & Technical HS (Secondary) 2900 W. Hunting Park Ave Phila 19129 (215) 226-1225 Educational Organization 105
New World Business School 9857 Bustleton Ave Phila 19115 (215) 856-7316 Educational Organization 123
Penn Asian Vocational Institute 6926 Old York Rd Phila 19046 (215) 572-1234 Educational Organization 120
Phila Academy for Nurse Aide Trng 958 Bustleton Ave Phila 19915 (215) 495-3473 Educational Organization 135


How much does each Philadelphia CNA program charge per class?

For associated costs and fees of each program, you can contact each school directly. Nursing facilities will offer the program at no cost. 

CareBridge Academy offers their course for $1395. This rate is very competitive across Philadelphia, and it includes all associated costs such as books and other training materials. A CPR and First Aid certification is even included into the cost of the program at no additional charge!

I would like to get my certified nurse aide training for free at a nursing home. Is there really only one approved nursing facility that offers training in Philadelphia?

Yes, as of January 2021, only Genesis Chapel Manor Center offers Nursing Assistant training in house to its prospective and future employees. However, if candidates look into the surrounding counties, there are some nursing facilities and long term care facilities that offer CNA courses in Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, and Delaware counties of Pennsylvania. You can find the list of nursing homes that offer nursing assistant training in these counties as well as all counties in Pennsylvania on this state list here

What do I need to do before enrolling in a program?

Per state regulations, the following items need to be completed before an individual can enroll in a Pennsylvania CNA certification program. Those include:

  • The candidate must obtain a Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) report from the PA State Police during the year prior to beginning a nurse aide training program. The CHRI report must be free of prohibitive offenses. Prohibitive offenses include those contained in Act 14, Nurse Aide Resident Abuse Prevention Training Act 14 (PDF).  A CHRI report can be obtained at PA State Police Criminal History Record
  • If the candidate has not been a resident of Pennsylvania for at least the past two years, they must obtain an FBI report as well as the PA State Police CHRI described above. Information about an FBI report can be found on the PDE Nurse Aide website under the heading Criminal History Record Information. 
  • The candidate must have a physical examination before starting the Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP). This examination must include both evidence that the individual is free of any communicable diseases and a negative 2-step Mantoux. This is a tuberculosis screening test. If the Mantoux is positive, a negative chest x-ray that is less than five years old is required.


Why should I consider CareBridge Academy for my CNA training in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

CareBridge Academy offers a high quality CNA class in the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region. With the CareBridge Academy CNA training, courses are offered regularly and flexibly with various options and start dates. Class schedules include day, night, weekend, and part-time CNA courses.

We work one-on-one with our students in a supportive and caring environment. This is done to ensure that students can successfully complete the course. Plus, it helps set students up to successfully pass the state nurse aide training examination given by Pearson VUE. Most importantly, it allows CNAs to be successful and thrive in their healthcare careers both now and in the future. 

Check out CareBridge Academy’s 120 hour CNA class which includes 55 hours working in a clinical setting. This means students get hands-on practice in a nursing home with real patients and residents. To learn more about CareBridge Academy or to reach out to us with any questions, contact us here.

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