What is a Home Health Aide job description?

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What is a Home Health Aide job description?

Learn about the job description for Home Health Aides (HHAs). We discuss the job duties and work responsibilities for HHAs as well. Plus, Home Health Aide certification is discussed, including options to get HHA training around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

What is an employee job description?

Employee job descriptions are written statements, generally created and distributed by the employer. They generally detail the duties, responsibilities, necessary qualifications, and reporting relationships of a particular job. They are, or should be, based on objective information obtained through job analysis. It includes an understanding of the skills and competencies required to complete tasks of the position. It might discuss the needs of the organization to produce work.

What are the purposes of a job description?

There are many reasons for organizations and their employees to have an effective job description in place. Here are just some of the main uses of a job description:

  • It helps provide the employee with the expectations that are required of them in the position
  • Offers details to help a prospective applicant assess if they are suitable for the role
  • Supports the company’s recruitment team during the recruitment and selection process
  • It helps shape questions for the interview process
  • Lets the prospective employee determine their standing or role within the structure of the company
  • It can assist in shaping a legally binding contract of employment
  • Helps set goals and targets for an employee when joining the team
  • Assists in the evaluation of the employee’s job performance
  • It helps to formulate training and development plans

hha job description home health aide

What is unique about the job description for Home Health Aides?

The job description for HHAs will often be standardized, or similar, across many employers. This is because this position has fixed training requirements as well as a set scope of work responsibilities in which they work. However, a Home Health Aide may still see a variance in these job descriptions as they look at different HHA jobs. 

Generally, the largest differences they will find will be in the work setting of the Home Health Aide. For example, a Home Health Aide working in a residential facility may be different from that of providing care to a single individual in one’s home. As mentioned, Home Health Aides (along with many other healthcare positions) have limitations on the work and tasks they complete. Therefore, an HHA may also find a job description that lists what a Home Health Aide CANNOT do as well as what they are allowed to do. 

I am looking at open HHA positions or considering a career as a Home Health Aide. Are the job openings I see online the same thing as what the job description looks like?

hha job description home health aide

Possibly. The Home Health Aide job opening may be nothing more than a copy and pasted version of the job description itself. However, some job openings may offer much more limited information, or it may be crafted to be much different than the position’s job description. 

Both a job description for an HHA and a job posting will have similar aims. Ideally, they will list the qualifications necessary for the role, including education and training required. They will also list the job duties and responsibilities of the Home Health Aide position, although the job description itself may offer more detail. The Home Health Aide job posting will usually offer more information on the company itself, as it will most likely be a first company introduction to an initial Home Health Aide applicant. As you can see, while they have some similar functions, their aims will vary as one (job positing) is tailored to job applicants that are considering applying and another (job description) is aimed at employees that are hired by the organization. Plus, the job description is usually signed by the employee and sometimes the employer as well upon hire. 

If you are a prospective candidate for a Home Health Aide position, the best practice is to request the Home Health Aide job description from Human Resources or the hiring manager so you can have full clarity on the Home Health Aide role at that specific company. Plus, it will show to the organization that you are serious about meeting the commitment of the position. 

What is a sample Home Health Aide job description?

The Home Health Aide job description will likely vary from healthcare employer to employer. However, we offer a sample job description for Home Health Aides to view below near the end of this article. This is great for both prospective HHAs to view as well as employers considering a Home Health Aide job description of their own. Please note that this job description is written from the perspective of a home care agency or home healthcare agency. At the end of the article we have a complete Home Health Aide job description for your review. Feel free to copy and paste the job description below or print it for your own reference!

Home Health Aide Certification and Training

hha job description home health aide

How do I get trained and certified to be a Home Health Aide?

To get a home health aide (HHA) certification, an interested home health aide candidate must complete an HHA training program. Training requirements are shaped by federal regulations. These HHA training and certification programs may be offered by community colleges, private schools or employers (home healthcare agencies) in the medical field.

What does a home health aide learn in the certification course?

A home health aide student will learn a lot of important skills necessary for success over the course of the home health aide training program. At CareBridge Academy, the home health aide training program includes the following building blocks of the Home Health Aide HHA training. These core competencies include:

  • Client rights and confidentiality.
  • Communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Infection control.
  • Personal care skills.
  • In-home and nutritional support.
  • Safety.
  • Understanding the needs of gram must meet federal regulations. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that means that a home health aide training course must be at least 75 total hours in length. In most cases, that means it can be completed in just two weeks, such as with CareBridge Academy’s full-time HHA training program. 16 of the total hours offered in the HHA course must be hands-on clinical or lab practice. This is done under the direct supervision of the nurse instructor. CareBridge Academy’s home health aide training program meets these federal regulations.

hha job description home health aide

Can you get a Home Health Aide certification online?

Yes, it mostly can. For example, of the 75 hours of total instruction of the home health aide training program, 59 of these hours can be done remotely online. The 16 hours of hands-on, supervised instruction previously mentioned must be done in person to meet the requirement. 

What is the cost of the home health aide certification course?

The cost of the Home Health Aide program can vary between different program offerings. CareBridge Academy has a home health aide program that is very inexpensive at only $595. The course can be completed right here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A home health aide certification course can also be taken through other approved classes in the Philadelphia region. 

Some employers may even offer a home health aide course. However, there are challenges to employer offered courses. As these programs are offered by the agencies directly, they rarely have regularly scheduled classes. Plus, the amount of home healthcare companies offering their own home health aide certification courses is relatively small. One benefit of an employer program is that these classes may be free to interested candidates. 

However, you will be required to work at the agency for a specified period of time in exchange for the home health aide training. If you fail to meet this agreement, you may be subject to having to pay for the full cost of the class. Plus, since the home healthcare company will be in charge of their own training and documentation of certification, the certification may be restricted. Often, an interested Home Health Aide candidate will have to reach out to a variety of home healthcare companies to inquire about classes that may be offered. By obtaining a home health aide certification in advance, it gives home health aide candidates a major advantage both in terms of getting hired as well as being prepared for success on day one.

CareBridge Academy Home Health Aide Certification Training Course

The CareBridge Academy Home Health Aide Training Program is an excellent choice. It’s home health aide certification and training is inexpensive. Plus, the home health aide certification obtained is very flexible. It is not restricted to only one home healthcare agency or one healthcare setting. Plus, the certification is valid across both Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. Finally, the certification is valid in other states that mirror federal regulations that oversee home healthcare companies and home health aide training programs. Keep in mind that some states may have different Home Health Aide regulations, such as New Jersey.

Learn more about CareBridge Academy and our other course offerings which include Certified Nurse Aide training. Contact us today with questions or to find out additional information!



Home Health Aide (HHA)



The Home Health Aide (HHA) is a paraprofessional individual who is certified by the state of Pennsylvania and is specifically trained and competent to perform assigned functions of personal care and other qualified medical tasks to the client in their residence.


  • Must meet the Pennsylvania state certification for Home Health Aide training program and competency.
  • Have a sympathetic attitude toward the care of the sick and elderly.
  • Ability to carry out directions, read and write.
  • Maturity and ability to deal effectively with the demands of the job.



The duties of a Home Health Aide may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Recording pertinent information pertaining to the client’s care.
  • Reminding clients to take medication at the appropriate time.
  • Planning and preparing meals according to specific dietary requirements of the client, and if needed, feeding the client.
  • Assist the client with therapy exercises under the direction of a Registered Therapist.
  • Performs personal care and assists with activities of daily living (ADLs) as assigned, including hair care, bathing, oral hygiene, grooming, and dressing.
  • Assisting with ambulation with or without mechanical aids.
  • Aiding with routine bodily functions such as toileting.
  • Maintaining a safe, clean and healthy environment through light housekeeping including changing bed linens, dusting and vacuuming, cleaning kitchen and bathroom, and laundry.
  • Providing companionship and stimulation for the client including reading, walks, etc.; and accompanying the client to doctors or other appointments.
  • Grocery shopping or other errands when needed.
  • Performing additional housekeeping tasks as indicated in the care plan.
  • Taking client’s vital signs and recording input and output.
  • Observing and reporting changes in client’s condition to this agency’s Administrator.
  • Completes appropriate visit records in a timely manner as per CareBride Academy policy.
  • Attends continuing education and in-service programs as scheduled and necessary. Meets the minimum yearly continuing education requirements of a Home Health Aide to maintain certification.
  • Understands and adheres to established CareBridge Academy policies and procedures.
  • Attends client care conferences as requested and scheduled.
  • Other duties as assigned. 



Works indoors in the CareBridge Academy office and in client homes. May work outdoors as needed and requested to assist with patient activity and care. Will travel to/from client homes.


Supervised by and reports to : Case Coordinator


High risk 


Ability to perform the following tasks if necessary:

  • Ability to participate in physical activity.
  • Capable of working for an extended period of time while standing and being involved in physical activity.
  • Heavy lifting, up to 40 pounds.
  • Able to do extensive bending, lifting and standing on a regular basis.


I have read the above job description and fully understand the conditions set forth therein, and if employed as a Home Health Aide, I will perform these duties to the best of my knowledge and ability.


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