What 4 Week CNA Programs In Philadelphia Are Near Me?

CNA Programs In Philadelphia

What 4 Week CNA Programs In Philadelphia Are Near Me?

Looking to become a Certified Nurse Aide CNA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania fast? We discuss options to get your CNA training fast, in just 4 weeks! 4 Week CNA programs in Philadelphia are running now. 

What Is a CNA Nursing Assistant /Nurse Aide?


A nursing assistant or nurse aide (generally referred to as a CNA, assists patients with daily activities, maintains patient hygiene and serves a vital role on the healthcare team.


What Does a Nursing Assistant CNA Do?


Students look on and learn in the hands-on classroom and lab setting of CareBridge Academy’s 4 week nurse aide CNA training program.



You will offer patients compassion, empathy, and patience while assisting them with tasks such as dressing, bathing and feeding. You may also support doctors and nurses in diagnostic procedures and technical treatments. Certified nursing assistants or nurse aides (CNAs) also typically assist in patient charting and instruction, documenting any care that is given and reporting significant observations to the nursing staff.


What Will I Learn With This 4 week CNA Program Training?


As a student in the 4 week CNA course Nursing Assistant / Nurse Aide program, you’ll learn how to:

  • assist in a broad range of areas including infection control, safety and emergency procedures
  • document patient care services and report observations to the nursing staff
  • assist doctors and nurses in diagnostic procedures and therapeutic treatments
  • develop communication and interpersonal skills.


What Career Opportunities Do CNA Nursing Assistants/Nurse Aide’s Have after they complete the 4 week CNA program in Philadelphia?


Nursing assistants enjoy great job security and often work a flexible schedule. Typical work environments include:

  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • home healthcare agencies
  • long-term care facilities
  • retirement communities
  • assisted living facilities


The NA program is quick, thorough, current and relevant with courses that offer you great experience and the ability to get into the healthcare field in a matter of weeks


Upon completion of the CNA program, graduates will be prepared for a rewarding career as a:

  • nursing assistant
  • home health aide
  • Caregiver
  • personal care aide
  • personal care attendant
  • personal care assistant
  • companion care provider


What Kind of Training Do You Need to Become a Nursing Assistant?


While in school to be a nurse aide, you will be instructed on a broad range of subjects, including infection control, communication and interpersonal skills. Topics also include safety and emergency procedures, personal care skills, psychosocial needs, basic restorative services and skills, basic nursing skills, quality improvement and more. The training is comprehensive yet can be completed with some programs in only 4 weeks!


What is the employment outlook for nurse aides and nursing assistants in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?


The employment outlook is excellent for certified nurse aides (CNAs) in Philadelphia. According to the BLS, job growth will average 8 percent through 2030. The median pay is over $30,000 a year nationally, and that rate is higher locally in Philadelphia. 

Also, the level of current jobs available for nurse aides is very high locally. A search on Indeed.com shows over 2,000 jobs available for CNAs in Philadelphia! The reasons for this are due to demand. Philadelphia is a large city with an aging population. Because of this, older adults tend to have the greatest need for healthcare resources such as CNAs. 

What 4 Week CNA Programs Are Offered in Philadelphia?

Nurse Teel is one of CareBridge Academy’s esteemed instructors in the 4 week CNA program.


Many interested students will be delighted to learn that there are in fact CNA programs in Philadelphia that can be completed in 4 weeks! CareBridge Academy is a CNA school for nurse aides and nursing assistants that offers such a program, for example. 

The best part is, these classes are day options and start each and every 4 weeks! 

Regardless of the class or schedule you choose, the classes consist of 120 hours of training. This training is done with a mix of classroom, laboratory, and hands-on practice in a clinical setting. 


Are there other nurse aide and nursing assistant course options available?


Not at this time. CareBridge Academy offers day classes that run monthly from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM. This is an accelerated course. 


Can I take the 4 week CNA nurse aide program in Philadelphia for a low cost?


Yes! The CareBridge Academy program is cost effective. Not only can you complete a 4 week CNA program in Philadelphia at CareBridge Academy, but you can do it for $1495. This price is the same as the CNA program cost at the Community College of Philadelphia. The CCP nurse aide training program runs $1495, for example. 


Do I have to pay the full cost of the 4 week CNA program up front?


No, there is no requirement to pay the full program when registering. In fact, you only need to pay a $150 enrollment fee to secure your spot! Reach out to the school for an outline of payment options.

What is the cost of the enrollment fee?

The enrollment fee is $150 to reserve your spot.


Is there an opportunity to take the 4 week CNA program in Philadelphia for free?


Potentially. For starters, students can take the 4 week CNA program and pay for it. If that graduating student then works in a nursing home or long term care facility for a total of 260 hours, that facility is required to reimburse the student the full cost of their program training! Students can also get reimbursed for their state testing fees as well. 


In this case, if a student takes the 4 week CNA program in Philadelphia at CareBridge Academy and pays $1495 then the $135 state testing fee, then the long term care facility they work at must reimburse their fees in the following breakdown: half of the total cost is reimbursed after working at the facility for 130 hours. In this scenario, that would be $765. The second $765 would be paid by the employee’s facility after another 130 hours are worked. This, in effect, means that the student did not have to pay the cost of the program. 


How do I learn more about the 4 week CNA Program at CareBridge Academy?


For those interested in learning more about the nurse aide training reach out to CareBridge Academy today! Call us at 267-448-0803

or contact us directly here




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