Healthcare is considered recession-proof and is expected to grow more than any other industry over the next decade. Learn about what jobs are available and growing including job and training resources right here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Home health aides are one of the fastest growing jobs in Philadelphia and in Pennsylvania. With more education and experience, home health aides can move into many other health care and medical job opportunities. As a result, it's a great entry level career to choose now and for the future of opportunities that it brings. 
Are you looking for a job as a home health aide? We show you all the central resources for finding home health aide jobs in Pennsylvania along with links straight to employers hiring now! Need Home Health Aide certification? We provide help and options with that as well. 
Learn about what certification is needed to work as a Home Health Aide (HHA) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Plus, you will get information on how to attain certification right here in Philadelphia, and also learn about other alternatives to being a Home Health Aide

Considering a career as a home health aide? Learn all about the job duties and work responsibilities of home health aides in their roles. Also, find training resources and other avenues to become an HHA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Home health aides and personal care aides are vital paraprofessionals in healthcare. They provide hands-on care and support to seniors and individuals that are injured, chronically ill, or disabled. Learn about what salary and earnings that home health aides make nationally. Also, find out about pay rates in the state of Pennsylvania, and also locally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Also, find resources to see if a new healthcare career might be a good option for you to jumpstart your earnings potential.