Meeting Basic Needs

Nursing assistants

Nursing assistants and home health aides must meet a patients’ basic needs in their daily interactions. For that reason, this is one of cornerstones of CareBridge Academy’s educational programs.

To do so, students are educated on ways that they can meet a patients’ essential needs. Some examples include ensuring an adequate supply of food, water, activity, sleep, and stimulation.

Patients also need to feel safe, secure, accepted, and loved during a vulnerable period in their lives. This vulnerability is a result of age, illness, injury, or a combination of them.

Nurse assistants and home health aides will encounter patients who have a variety of health conditions. These conditions might make it difficult for them to get their basic needs met. It is the duty of a CNA and HHA to ensure that patients receive the care they need to thrive. Nurse aides and home health aides work to make sure the patient can enjoy support and quality of life while in the care of the nursing or medical facility.