Home Health Aide Program

Home Health Aide Program

CareBridge Academy develops extraordinary Home Health Aides with the knowledge, skills, values and beliefs required to not only succeed but to make a difference in the healthcare industry.


Our Home Health Aide (HHA) program is a 75 hour course that involves time in the classroom and laboratory instruction. We adapt our program to maximize learning and knowledge retention. CareBridge Academy incorporates the 4 types of learning styles (visual, auditory, hands-on, and reading/writing) into its curriculum. Through our proven approach to training, we foster a fun, informative, and educational environment for students to learn effectively and intuitively in simulated and real world scenarios.


Students enrolled in the HHA Program will:

● Be instructed on how to perform safe basic Home Health Aide activities and procedures in a home-based setting

● Prepare for employment in the home healthcare space.

●Understand how to handle emergencies

●Read and follow care plans

● Provide quality care for residents in home health care or other healthcare settings upon attaining certificate of completion and securing employment.


Program length

Our full-time certificate program is a 2-week, Monday through Friday course totalling 75 hours of instruction. Our part-time and weekend program options run for 4 weeks in total. This includes 55 hours of classroom  instruction with an additional 20 hours of hands-on laboratory training in the same location. CareBridge Academy provides the training in skills necessary to take and successfully pass a competency examination distributed by the school and attain their certificate of completion.