CareBridge Academy future CNAs and HHAs will learn about patient digestion and elimination. This includes how it occurs, the factors that may affect digestion and elimination, plus how to assist patients to deal with their elimination challenges.


In classes that cover elimination, the aspiring Certified Nurse Aide and Home Health Aide learns how to help residents with bedpan usage, insertion and maintenance of catheters, and use of a urinal, toilet, or drainage bag. The nursing assistants and home health aides will learn how to measure the output of waste matter, which is normally a vital indicator of health.


Elimination is a particularly important topic for CNAs or HHAs that work with the elderly or are employed in long term care settings. This is because older adult patients who suffer with incontinence often become socially isolated. This can adversely impact their quality of life. CNAs and HHAs must help patients manage incontinence so they can continue to socialize normally.