Application process and registration

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You’re about to take the first step towards learning all of the skills you need to take the CNA certification exam and launch your healthcare career as a nursing assistant.


Step by step application instructions


Step 1


Fill out our online application


apply for the CNA program course


To begin the application process, simply follow our simple registration form to start the process of enrollment. Please follow all instructions carefully. A $150 non-refundable down payment and your completed registration form will secure your spot in class! Allow yourself about 15 minutes to complete this step.


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Step 2


Complete a criminal background check


background check is required for nursing assistant courses and education

Applicants may submit for a background check through the state police ePATCH system directly for a record check and clearance. Completing and submitting the application is the first step in the process. Students that have lived in the state of Pennsylvania for less than 24 months continuously will need to take an FBI criminal background check.


Once you have ordered and paid for your background check, you will be asked to upload the confirmation page only into the application. You do not need to wait until you have results before you proceed with the application. You will be contacted by the nurse aide program upon approval/denial. You will then be given information regarding the next steps in the application process.


Step 3


Finish the registration process


register to be a cna and get your certification today


After the program administrator has reviewed your online application, you will be notified of your status in the nurse aide program. Those accepted into the program will also receive instructions on your next steps, including some of the following:


● Review class schedules and select the class of your choice.


● Pay for your classes. To set up a payment plan, please contact the admission office.


● Attend orientation.


● Obtain a nurse aide textbook and other relevant materials before the beginning of class.