Activities of daily living and personal care

personal care

Perhaps no function in the role of a Home Health Aide or Certified Nurse Aide is more crucial than personal care. Providing for personal care and activities of daily living (ADLs) are those skills required to manage one’s basic physical needs.

Over the course of the average workday, a CNA or HHA will be tasked with different personal care and ADL responsibilities. Among other tasks, a CNA or HHA may help bathe residents, give back rubs, denture care, hair care, fingernail care, and foot care. Bedsores are common in residential long term care facilities. They are also seen in bedbound home health patients. Nursing assistants and HHAs must know how to treat them. Plus, they should be well versed in preventing patients from developing sores in the first place.

As a result of this, the curriculum of the CNA and HHA programs at CareBridge Academy has a major focus on personal care. Students will learn about personal care and ADLs in the classroom, laboratory setting, and also in clinicals (for CNAs).